Happy Outcome was born out of a simple wish – to get an endearing smile from our loved ones and the source of that smile was usually a handmade gift.

Happy Outcome is a creative venture based in Rajkot keen on making that small wish large. Our made-to-smile customized design products are built out of three main ingredients; a dash of Indian traditions, a pinch of masti and lastly an essential ingredient – You. These products are a medium for your self-expression and are made keeping your needs and ideas in mind.


And that’s why we don’t bulk produce; we invest our head and heart into each and every item so that nothing we make is ever mundane; we create with love and are sure to touch your soul to make you go 🙂


Making of these customized design products requires bringing together various disciplines of handicraft, for this, we bring together craftsmen and artisans from varied fields to make this possible. For us, this is a fun exploration and experiment of ideas and materials, a way to always be creating something new and to be who we are; crazy, loving, fun, curious and most importantly – HAPPY.